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Mole Applications

Moles are an ancient species of mammals that are incredibly well adapted to their life underground.

Most moles never really come to the surface, although they do leave their signs in the form of tunnels and mounds. This damage is created in a mole's relentless pursuit of food...primarily earthworms. Moles are insectivores, obtaining essentially ALL of their dietary needs from these creatures. In the process of hunting, moles can tunnel up to 100 feet per day causing extensive lawn and landscape damages.

Since moles do not hibernate and are active year-round, there is a possibility of damage throughout much of the year. In many cases, on-going control programs will be necessary.

In the past, mole baits have been developed assuming moles are similar to rats and mice, when in reality they are insectivores. As a result, previous mole baits have been shown to be completely ineffective until now.

Urbandale Lawn Solutions uses TALPIRID

  • Proven Effective
  • Mimics a mole's natural food source
  • Delivered and monitored by trained professionals
While every situation is unique, most mole service programs will involve more than one visit. Urbandale Lawn Solutions will typically perform an initial evaluation, site treatment, and a general follow-up. In some cases ore or more of these steps may be combined into the same visit.

The initial evaluation involves a review of the property and surrounding area. This step helps determine the most active areas. Markers may be placed for more precise review during the site treatment.

Site treatment. A few days after the review and evaluation of the property, we will return to place bait into the most active areas. Bait will always be placed underground.

Follow-up. We will determine the proper level and type of follow-up required based on each situation.
NOTE: During treatment, it is important not to mow the lawn or disturb the tunnel/mound systems. This can cause moles to change their normal feeding patterns making treatment less effective.

Payment is due when services are rendered. A 2% service charge per month with $5.00 minimum added after 30 days.
For your convenience, service continues from season to season. For a change to your service, please call our office.

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